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    • United States Trivia

      new trivia question

      Clue 1: This cartoon character wears a costume of red, white, and blue including a top hat with stars and stripes.

      Clue 2: ???

      Clue 3: ???

      Answer: ???


      old trivia question


      Clue 1: 

      Clue 2: 

      Clue 3: 


      Come back each weekday for a new clue. The answer will be given after the fourth day. Spend time discussing the trivia question clues with your family.

    • Idiom of the Week

      Idiom: She's been hitting the books.

      really means: She's been studying hard.

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      · xtramath - math facts practice (+, -, x, division)
      · - keyboarding
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      Download File: September & October Memory Work (13.34 KB .docx file)
  • Classroom Newsletter

    It’s Still All About Jesus!


    What’s Happening in 3rd & 4th?

    Miss Schroeder April 14, 2017


    Important Dates:

    • Sun., April 29: Fine Arts Benefit 3:00 p.m.
    • Mon., May 17: PTL meeting @ 7:00 p.m.
    • Library: every Friday – Help your daughter remember her library books and/or library card.


    Spring? Snow, snow, go away, come back during the winter days! How many more spring snow storms will we get? Hopefully NONE!


    Fine Arts Benefit: Don’t forget to mark Sunday, April 28 on your calendars! Tickets are being sent home today.  See the attached letter for more information. 


    2018-2019 School Year: Don’t forget to turn in your registration forms early to receive a discount of $75 off the registration fee.


    Religion: What is meant by “daily bread” in the Lord’s prayer? Why do we ask God to “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us In the Lord’s prayer? We discussed both of these petitions during class this week.


    Memory Work: There is new memory work attached to the newsletter, as well as stapled inside of the cover of their planner. We are working on both the song and psalm for the fine arts benefits. We have also been reciting Psalm 23 during our devotion time in the morning.


    Reading: The girls look forward to reading Little House on the Prairie each day. We are improving our summarizing skills by writing a 3-sentence summary of each chapter.  They are learning a lot about pioneer life in the early 1900’s.  We all agreed that our mattresses are more comfortable than the straw-tick mattresses that they used on their beds.


    Spelling: We will resume our weekly spelling lessons and tests next week.


    Idiom of the Week: Don’t open a can of worms.


    Math: The students continue to reinforce previous skills while adding new skills every day.


    Science: We will have a test next week on electricity. Then we will look at light and how it helps our eyes to see.


    Social Studies: We are working on typing our facts to attach to our Minnesota postcards to share with other Lutheran schools.