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    • United States Trivia

      Clue #1 - The white ones on our flag signify purity and innocence.

      Clue #2 - The red ones on our flag signify hardiness and courage.

      Clue #3 - On our flag seven are red and six are white.

      Answer ???

      Come back each weekday for a new clue. The answer will be given after the fourth day. Spend time discussing the trivia question clues with your family.

  • Classroom Newsletter 9-15-17

    It’s Still All About Jesus!


    What’s Happening in 3rd & 4th?

    Miss Schroeder September 15, 2017


    Important Dates:

    • Soccer/Volleyball Tournament – Saturday, Sept. 16
    • Science Field Trip to Immanuel – Monday, Sept. 18 – Return to school at 3:15 P.M.
    • PTL Meeting: Tues., Sept. 19 @ 7:00 P.M.
    • Book orders: Due Fri., Sept. 22
    • Singing at St. Paul’s: Sun., Sept. 24 @ 9:00 A.M.
    • Pictures: Wed., Sept. 27
    • Library: Friday


    Pictures: Picture day is Wednesday, September 27. An order form for pictures is being sent home with your child today. If you would like to order pictures, please return the order form by Wednesday, September 27.


    U.S. Trivia: Each week the students receive clues about U.S. related items. What a great opportunity to spend time as a family discussing the new clues each day.  Ask your child what the answers were or read the newsletter next week.

    1st question: Clue 1 - It would surely be voted the most popular American food. Clue 2 – It is America’s fastest-selling fast food. Clue 3 – Millions of these topped with catsup, mustard, pickle, onion, etc., are eaten every day.

    2nd question: Clue 1 – It is a solemn promise of loyalty to the United States. Clue 2 – In 1954 the word “under God” were added. Clue 3 – It begins with the word “I” and ends with the words “for all”.


    School website, – Ms. Bridget, the school cook updates the school lunch menu on Thursday. You can find the lunch menu on the school page or on Ms. Bridgett’s page.  I also try to update my page on the website each Friday with the classroom newsletter. If you go to the About tab and click on school, you will find a link to all of the pages for the teachers and Bridgett. Check it out! There is a link on my page to be able access, a website to practice math facts. There is also a link to a typing website that we will be using at school to practice typing.

  – Attached to the newsletter, there is information to have your child practice math facts at home and have it link to my account at school.


    Religion: This week we talked about what the Bible is. Your child should be ready to recite her memory work to me on Tuesday on Friday mornings. Please help remind your child to study. Attached to the newsletter there is a letter about what your child will be learning about in the first unit of religion.


    Math: The third graders worked on number lines, reading thermometers, fractions of an hour, addition, subtraction, and fact families.  Fractions of an hour, (quarter to, quarter after, and half past), is a challenging skill for third graders so we will continue to work on it throughout the year. Fourth grade worked on place value, ordinal numbers, months of the year, subtraction, writing numbers through 999, and adding money.  Next week the students will have their first math test.


    Reading: The essential question in third grade was “What can stories teach you?” The selections that they read were fantasies and a fable.  We also worked on character traits and using synonyms to figure out the meaning of new words. “Where do good ideas come from?” was the essential question that was explored by fourth grade. The selection genres read to explore the essential question was fairy tales and a fable. The skills that we worked on were sequence of events and synonyms.


    English: This week’s topic is sentences and fragments. We sang a song to help us remember the four types of sentences: statement, question, command, and exclamation.

    Spelling: Every Friday the students will have a weekly spelling test.  Next week’s spelling words, along with the new vocabulary words are attached to the newsletter.


    Social Studies: We are learning about the years of discovery of the New World (America). On Thursday, September 21, the students will have a map test on the 7 continents and 4 oceans.  They labeled a map to help them study. 


    Science: Our topic for the first chapter is living things.