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    • United States Trivia

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      Clue 1: This cartoon character wears a costume of red, white, and blue including a top hat with stars and stripes.

      Clue 2: ???

      Clue 3: ???

      Answer: ???


      old trivia question


      Clue 1: 

      Clue 2: 

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      Come back each weekday for a new clue. The answer will be given after the fourth day. Spend time discussing the trivia question clues with your family.

  • Classroom Newsletter

    It’s Still All About Jesus!


    What’s Happening in 3rd & 4th?

    Miss Schroeder January 12, 2018

    Important Dates:
    • Jan. 14: PTL Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
    • Book Orders: due Fri., Jan. 19
    • Sun., Jan. 21: Students sing at 9:00 A.M. at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
    • Jan. 22-27: NLSW
    • Library: every Friday – Help your daughter remember her library books and/or library card.
    NLSW: On Sunday, Jan. 21, the students in preschool through 6th grade will be singing the theme song for the school year at the 9:00 a.m. service at St. Paul’s. Since the congregation members enjoy hearing them play the chimes, we would also like to have the students play a selection on the hand chimes. Hopefully your child will be able to be at church on Sun., Jan. 21. If you have a previous commitment, please let me know as soon as possible.
    100 Mile Club: Did you see the picture in the Fulda Free Press of the students out walking on Monday afternoon? The students and I took advantage of the warmer weather this week and walked 2 more miles during phy. ed. time this week.  We were able to get some pedometers through the Labels for Education program, so we tested them out on Wednesday during our walk. The students in grades 1-4 were so excited about them, and they wanted to keep walking until we had enough steps to equal a mile. (1 mile = about 2,000 steps)  How exciting to see the students getting excited about walking!
    KLEENEXES NEEDED! With cold season here, our classes has depleted our stash of Kleenexes! If you could send another box of Kleenexes, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Religion: We finished our unit on the First Article of the Apostles’ Creed.  The students enjoyed using Kahoot to review the information. Attached you will find a letter explaining what we will be discussing in unit 4.
    Memory Work: The girls are doing an excellent job on their memory work this this week. 
    Math: Third grade is working on multiplication, perimeter, and fractions.  Fourth grade is working on fractions, multiplication, and estimating. The students also continue to practice their addition and/or subtraction facts daily using
    Reading: This week third read selections to help them answer the essential question “What makes different animals unique?” The selections read by fourth grade explored the essential question “How can you make new friends feel welcome?”
    Idiom of the Week: The students continue to enjoy learning a new idiom each week. This week’s idiom was “Stop pulling my leg”.
    Spelling: New spelling words are attached to the newsletter.
    Science: The students enjoyed investigating different fruits to find out what the seeds looked like, how many each fruit has, and where they are located in each fruit. After we looked at the seeds, the students had the opportunity to try a piece of the fruit. Of the 4 fruits that we investigated, there was at least one new fruit that they have never tried. The four fruits that we studied in class were pears, kiwi, grapefruit, and pomegranate. We also took a couple of seeds from each fruit and planted it to see if we can get them to grow, but we discovered that it will take about 3 months before we see anything. If you have fruit at home, take time to observe the different seeds in them while you enjoy eating them.
    Social Studies: Our class is part of a postcard exchange with other Lutheran Schools in the United States. We will be getting at least one postcard from each one of the 50 states to help us learn about the other states and schools. We will be sending out postcards to the other 50 states. We have already received postcards from 5 states (Colorado, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Utah, and Prior Lake, Minnesota).
    Music: We will continue to practice identifying the different notes.