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St Paul's Lutheran Church St Paul's Lutheran Church

Mrs. Bridget page Mrs. Bridget page


    Septmeber 18th - 22nd

    Monday: Hot dogs, baked beans,

    Tuesday: Chx patty sandwich, coleslaw

    Wednesday: grilled chesse, tomato soup

    Thursday: Chx Fajita's, corn and fixings

    Friday: mini Corn dogs, tater tots, salad


    *****2nd week of school!!!****

    monday 11th hamburgers, baked beans

    tuesday 12th chx hotdish, green beans, dinner roll

    wednesday 13th pizza, salad

    thuesday 14th pulled pork, fried potatoes,

    friday 15th fish nuggets, smiley face potatoes, sliced bread, 

    thank you and God bless