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Do you want to help support St. Paul's Lutheran School in Fulda, MN?  It's simple and EASY...consider purchasing gift cards to your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, or other retailers at FULL VALUE.  The retailers contribute a percentage of your order directly to St. Paul's to cover the cost of student tuition. 


Get amazing goods and services at your favorite national retailers and get your full dollar value while they help you support regional Christian education at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Fulda, MN! Shop day or night from the convenience of your home computer or mobile device!


Simply set up your personal account at using St. Paul’s School’s Family Enrollment Code 2DF6FE45616L. Choose on the website the order area for ScripNow! Brands and order securely online from your national retailer. A confirmation e-mail will arrive in your inbox with a printable certificate uniquely numbered to the amount of your order. Print your certificate and use it like any other gift certificate – present it to the retailer or use the code number to order online at the retailer’s website. Use the full amount or keep the remaining balance.

The ScripNow! Brands program is part of our regular TRIP/SCRIP program at St. Paul’s. (If you order from anywhere other than the ScripNow! Brands portion of the website, a physical card is delivered to St. Paul’s, Fulda for you to pick up.)

Support the Christian education provided by St. Paul’s Lutheran School! Tell your friends and family about the great deal ScripNow! can be for you and your local Lutheran school!

Anyone can support
St. Paul
’s Lutheran School in Fulda, MinnesotaExcellence in Education with Christian Character Formation!

Order ScripNow! as a gift and have it sent to the email inboxes of your friends and family members!